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In 2005 Proficient Management Consulting and Training (PMCT) was established to offer integrated business and IT solutions to clients by Vincent Santeng soon after completing his MBA qualification with Manchester Business School (MBS). A number of Accountants, Bankers, Consultants and Software Developers were later recruited to join PMCT and we since continued to build on our enviable reputation for providing end-to-end solutions advice and excellent service to our clients.

PMCT Accountants and Consultants personnel are well placed to assist you drive your organisation to the next level and motivate you take charge of professional development of your employees. Head Office based in London as a global provider of integrated accounting and consulting solutions, managing and processing service related contracts and offering training on a number specialised disciplines.

Though our office is based in London our respective specialist teams would offer tailored services regardless of your place of business. We are committed to providing you and your business with cost effective solutions. PMCT continue to meet every challenge in our client’s respective ever-changing business industry requirements in their approach to achieving set objectives and compliance requirements. We always aim to assist our clients achieve their objectives and aspirations through the use of up to date technology aimed at delivering an end-to-end straight through processing.

PMCT will design and implements strategies, organisations, processes and technologies that help its clients to dramatically improve services, achieve greater efficiency and enhance controls. We employ innovative new ideas in our approach to in-depth business analysis, quality technology and adaptable project management skills for our clients. PMCT has the ability to transform a client operational capability and deliver on the promises made for are mainly motivated by a client success; hence trust us to deliver whenever we promise you.

We mainly use practical hands-on approach in delivering solutions that meets our client’s specific requirements for believe that no two clients are necessarily the same. We have experience to assist you capitalise on threats and opportunities presented by current environmental changes and global developments. PMCT initiatives will help transform your operational capability and increase efficiency, allowing you to achieve desired objectives including:

  • Higher Revenue and enhancement sales and production volume;
  • Costs reduction and better management of overheads;
  • Improve on data quality and management;
  • Management compliance and regulation issues and
  • Enhancement of risk management and controls.

We are endowed with vast wealth of experience enabling us fulfil demand for our expertise and continually deliver an unparalleled service to all clients, whatever their size or sector. We provide expertise services to individuals, small and large clients across a number of sectors including:

  • Wholesale and Retail
  • Healthcare including Hospitals, Social Services and Social Care
  • Professionals and Service Sectors
  • Manufacturing and Distribution
  • IT including Data Base Management, Networking and Software Development
  • Media including Newspapers, Radios and Televisions
  • Estate Agents, Builders and Property Managers
  • Publication and Printing
  • Financial Products including Investments
  • Financial service firms including Stock  Brokers, Investment Houses and Insurers
  • Banks including Financial Products, Compliance and Risk Management
  • Motor trade including Garages
  • Construction and Engineering
  • Financial Advice and Personal Finance

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Customer Support
If you are not satisfied with our service or have any issue concerning PMCT operations you can either e-mail us on customersupport@pmct.co.uk or telephone us on 0208 8855 200. We promise to attend to every concern brought to our attention without any hesitation.

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Throughout this website the words “our/we/us/ours” we mean PMCT.

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Proficient Management Consulting and Training (PMCT) specialise in accounting, consulting and training services. We are committed to providing you with an end-to-end integrated services, IT solutions and products that meets personal and businesses unique requirements.

PMCT specialise in Accounting Services, Taxation, Consultancy, Risk Management, Software Solutions, Data Management, Financial Product Development, Risk Management, Compliance & Regulatory Reporting, OTC Financials, Emerging Markets and Training.

PMCT models are not just one of the very best but unique as our approach focuses on solution delivery tailored to satisfy specific client needs and requirements. PMCT provide progressive intelligent solutions to meet specific requirements of a business sector and or client regardless of size and geographical placement.

Proudly serving over 1600 satisfied users!