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PMCT Accountancy & Consultancy has many portfolios as business owners and specialises in provision of consultancy, accountancy, training and IT solution supports. PMCT Accountancy & Consultancy portfolio of interests includes:

Accounting, Finance, Tax and Bookkeeping online software:

  1. For Business Accountancy Clients – online accounting solution for businesses and core functionality includes: automated accounting entries, budgeting, financial and management reporting, VAT, bookkeeping, payroll management, fixed assets, journals, cash flow, stock recording and reconciliation. PMCT Accountants & Consultants together with AFSS (a financial  software house) are responsible for supporting and managing online services for clients. Accounts are prepared and filed for clients.
  2. For Churches Accountancy Clients – similar to 1 above,  has functionality to support all processes and reporting; and has capability to process gift aid claims.
  3. Charities, Church Management and other Non-Profit organisations- click on link to view scope of operations (
  4. Taxation, Tax Planning and Payroll Management ( former owners of
  5. Booking without accountancy and or consultancy
  6. www.ngoandcharities

Risk Management and Financial Markets Training:

  1. Basel Accord (Basel 1, 1.5, 2 and 3) Training and Implementation (
  2. Financial Software Solutions for Banks and other Financial firms (
  3. Enterprise Risk Management (ERM): Credit, Market, Operations and Liquidity (

Investment and Consultancy

  1. Consultancy for Business and IT integrated solution – including change management and Project Management
  2. Data Management and Data Quality Management 8. Compliance Management and Regulatory Reporting
  3. Training for all levels of management, business groups and to professionals
  4. Practical Training for Accounting Professionals and Students. Greater emphasis is placed on use of IT as solution for Accountants – click on link to view scope of operations.
  5. Fund Management and Transfers (Remittances) – click on link to view scope of operations (
  6. Marketing and Communications – click on link to view scope of operations
  7. Ratings and Portfolio Risk Assessment – click on link to view scope of operations (
  8. Financial Services, Product Management and Development (

Each of above specialise operations has its own dedicated resource management and respective websites can be viewed by clicking on links provided. PMCT now operates from UK, mainland Europe and Africa and soon will be extending our operations to North America and West Indies.

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Proficient Management Consulting and Training (PMCT) specialise in accounting, consulting and training services. We are committed to providing you with an end-to-end integrated services, IT solutions and products that meets personal and businesses unique requirements.

PMCT specialise in Accounting Services, Taxation, Consultancy, Risk Management, Software Solutions, Data Management, Financial Product Development, Risk Management, Compliance & Regulatory Reporting, OTC Financials, Emerging Markets and Training.

PMCT models are not just one of the very best but unique as our approach focuses on solution delivery tailored to satisfy specific client needs and requirements. PMCT provide progressive intelligent solutions to meet specific requirements of a business sector and or client regardless of size and geographical placement.

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