As an individual or a business it is a relevant need for you to know and understand your financial position, in addition to complying with Tax Authorities and regulatory requirements.

Do not take undue risk with your business and personal wealth. We advice that you contact PMCT Accountants and Consultants who are experienced and specialised in matters pertaining to offering you professional services and support to relieve you of any burden and taking responsible for you in a number of core areas including:

  • Bookkeeping and Accountancy including preparation of annual accounts;
  • Forensic Accounting covering fraud investigation, negligence, claims and disputes;
  • Personal and Business Taxation;
  • IT solution delivery and implementation;
  • Business formation, Franchising, Acquisition, Mergers and Disposals strategies;
  • PAYE and Payroll Bureau Services;
  • Regulatory and Compliance; and
  • Personal finance management

PMCT Accountants and Consultants have unique approach to providing solution to clients and these are:

  • Our approach is to gain understanding of your operation and not assume that any two clients are the same.
  • We then listen to your concerns
  • Agree scope of undertaking
  • Provide advice and solution the address concerns for which you seek expert services from PMCT
  • Post implementation review is carried out to ensure tailored service offered positively improves you and your business and increase your chances of success.

Health Sector: Doctors, Nurses, Health Specialists, Social Workers, Dentists,  Social Care & Careers


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Proficient Management Consulting and Training (PMCT) specialise in accounting, consulting and training services. We are committed to providing you with an end-to-end integrated services, IT solutions and products that meets personal and businesses unique requirements.

PMCT specialise in Accounting Services, Taxation, Consultancy, Risk Management, Software Solutions, Data Management, Financial Product Development, Risk Management, Compliance & Regulatory Reporting, OTC Financials, Emerging Markets and Training.

PMCT models are not just one of the very best but unique as our approach focuses on solution delivery tailored to satisfy specific client needs and requirements. PMCT provide progressive intelligent solutions to meet specific requirements of a business sector and or client regardless of size and geographical placement.

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