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Payroll processing is often time consuming. Each year legislation concerning personal tax for individuals and businesses do change and associated cost of processing payroll is ever increasing.

We employ our own software solution to ensure all statutory requirements under the PAYE and Department of Social Security regulations are met. Our payroll service is cost-effective, tailored to suit each client needs, provide personal and confidential service to client personnel.

As a client we will advise you on all issues pertaining to payroll processing including PAYE, National Insurance, maternity pay, severance payments and P11Ds with its corresponding queries. You are always assured that correct returns within the stated deadlines will be filled on your behalf.

As part of our processing we will register all your employees, manage P45, P46, P11,P11D, payslips, employees holidays entitlement, complete benefits and expenses forms and file end of year returns as well as provide P60 for your employees. As part of our process we will assist you set up an Employers’ Scheme with HMRC, manage all deductions applicable at source such as Pensions and ‘Give As You Earn’ schemes. We shall advice you on complex issues such as what constitute taxable benefits and expenses.

For all your payroll processing concerns, please do not PMCT Accountants.

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