Business Formation

No good business proposition and commitment from you will be overlooked as small and or irrelevant. With PMCT Accountants and Consultants supporting you need not be an expert in finance, IT and legal personnel to succeed in your business proposal implementation and management.

There are many business types that one may choose for a new business formation or organising an existing one to that which is required to fulfil your business objects. Business type could be sole trader, partnership, corporate (registered as limited liability entity) or none profit making organisation such as a Church or an NGO (with UK Charity Commission).

Besides registration of your business with regulated bodies, we shall provide you with assistance in a number of areas including:

  • Assess your finance requirements and where required advise on most efficient sources of financing your proposal;
  • IT infrastructure for hardware and network ;
  • Suitable software to use to enhance efficiency and aid control procedures
  • Manage all aspects of business compliance and administration;
  • Manage company secretarial issues and correspondence with external organisations ensuring that regulatory requirements are met and on timely basis;
  • Help complete business plan, cash flow projections, budgets, trading forecasts and resource inventory;
  • Identify and establish a good working relationship with external organisations including your preferred bank;
  • Advice on what data type is required as part of bookkeeping recording, VAT, payroll, payment, suppliers, customers and accounting requirements for activities.

PMCT Accountants and Consultants are very experienced professionals and we are willing to help advice and organise your business entity into a structure that fit its purpose and objectives. As part of our tailored processes for respective clients, all regulatory requirements and registration are considered together with initial assistance in equipping you with knowledge of what data must be recorded.

For existing businesses considering merger and acquisition proposition including research about parties involved in your consideration please do not hesitate to contact us soon it is possible to do so. Please click on the link Takeovers and Mergers. to learn about our dedication and specialised team awaiting your contact to assist you achieve defined objectives.

Contact PMCT Accountants and Consultants to discuss your business formation concerns. Please click on the link Business Formation Request a member of our specialist team will contact you soon.

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