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Project Management is not of permanency in nature due to the fact a project is an undertaking with specific objectives to create a product or service and has a defined start and end point and usually completes life cycle after implementation. Project implementation normally may not have elements of Business-As-Usual (BAU) until handed over post implementation to management or programme management office. It is headed by a Project Manager.

Programme Management may include elements of BAU and operational work especially from newly completed projects. It is instituted to manage a group of related projects in a coordinated faction to obtain synergy benefits not available from managing individual projects separately. An office is normally created to coordinate requirements of other projects to reduce costs, duplication of administrative tasks and help created to obtain broad organisational or technical objectives. Project Managers usually report to a Programme Management office (assuming there are many projects running concurrently) under a Programme Manager/Director.

PMCT Accountants and Consultants are experienced and experts in project management and programme directorship to assist your business achieve its set objectives. At a minimum we shall offer clients the following benefits:

  • Governance: by putting in place structures, processes and procedures to control elements of operations, progress measurement of critical delivery stages and change management measures to achieve performance objectives.
  • Management: provide are regular reviews and accountability to client about management of projects.
  • Planning and resource management: implementation plan which consider key delivery elements of the project, resource allocation, timescales for delivery each allocated task, monitoring and control procedures.
  • Integration and improvement: ensure that delivery components at deferent times fit together each project and that altogether all projects properly meet set corporate objectives. We aim to optimise performance across project(s) value chain functionally and technically through continuous assessment of performance; researching and help a client develop new capabilities for implementation.

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