Emerging Markets

Emerging markets or economy has many definitions by many writers and all writers and experts agree that it is certainly not an advanced economy or a poor economy. It is characterised by rapid economic growth.

Emerging economies come with much greater risk however Investors are regularly seeking to invest in emerging economies considering that the prospect of high returns exist than investing in advance economies. There are opportunities for attaining investment objectives and advantages to be gained from diversification in emerging economies from their faster economic growth which presents an opportunity benefits that far outweigh risk for investors. The key to realising profitability is to understand respective emerging markets within an emerging economy.

Vincent Santeng of PMCT Accountants and Consultants who is regarded by many as an expert in this specialised subject believe that the term emerging markets or economy which are used interchangeably are not the same. He believes that emerging economy is a general term with reference to current state of a country’s development in relation to how generally specific markets and social advancements of that country development has been sustained over a minimum period of say 5 to 10 years.

Vincent Santeng state that Emerging economy is not only a reference to the past but must have these minimum factors:

  • Current state of the nation’s economy must illustrate that of past economic achievements are sustainable,
  • Planned future economic projects and projects are an advancement above state of national economy, and
  • Respective emerging markets are in a state that would lead to attaining advance market status within next 10 years.

Vincent Santeng believes that for a country to be classified as emerging economy it must have a number of characteristics including:

  1. Stable political and government
  2. An improving social amenities including infrastructures
  3. An advancing education and IT solution for majority of the general populace
  4. Increasing liquidity in local markets and less barrier to transacting in respective emerging markets even though level of market efficiency and standards tend to be low.
  5. Stable and developing markets that allows willing and qualified participants to undertake transactions freely not too dissimilar from an advanced country.

From Vincent Santeng’s definition an emerging economy has many facets of emerging markets and therefore participants of emerging economy should rather concern themselves with specific emerging market of interests within an emerging economy.

We specialise in African emerging economies where we can leverage on our extensive network, understanding of culture and political risk to assist you achieve strategic long-term gains. To quote a phrase from Vincent Santeng’s writing on emerging economies, he stated that “nothing is more disheartening than to observe foreign entrants into African markets attempting to abuse the good nature of African generosity. The systems in Africa are interwoven with cultural and tribal variations and any attempt to disregard these values is guaranteed to fail and any gains made are only short-term strategy for investors as long-term responses including reputational damage far outweigh initial gains made”.

PMCT Accountants and Consultants has many experts within our firm to assist you fulfil your interest and objectives for investing in an emerging economy and corresponding emerging markets.

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